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What is the most dog-friendly alarm system in Boise?

July 08, 2022
Close up of security display with a dog in the background

The constant companionship and happiness a dog bestows upon your house in Boise undeniably makes them an integral part of your family. With that in mind, some pets are inclined to trigger alarms on different types of home security systems. And it stands to reason that the bigger your pooch is, the more likely they might be the source of a false alarm. So don’t you think it would be helpful if you could find a dog-friendly alarm system in Boise?

A perfect fit for dog owners, Vivint home security systems provide a range of benefits. To start with, you may modify the sensors to ignore spaces where pets are most active. Second, make use of your indoor video cameras with high definition night vision and motion detection functionality to maintain a close watch of your pet. Third, your dog-friendly alarm system ought to be straightforward to control so you are able to rapidly engage and disengage the system as needed.

Adjust your sensors to allow for your pet

Modern door, window, and motion sensors are more capable of adapting to pets than past options. Smaller animals aren’t likely to have any issue circumventing an unintentional sensor trip, as the system will adjust accordingly. Larger dogs and rambunctious animals might have a greater chance of causing false alarms, but there are ways you can decrease that chance with some changes on the Vivint mobile app.

  • Set the motion detection sensitivity to low. You may even modify the amount of area covered by the device.
  • Install motion sensors away from frequented places, like your dog’s pet bed or food dish.
  • Disengage your alarms with your mobile security app before you pull in the driveway -- especially if your pet likes to leap toward the door or window as you walk in.
  • Schedule smart lighting to turn on to calm an uptight dog after the sun goes down.

The ability to make these adjustments makes Vivint the leading pet-friendly home security system in Boise.

Turn to your indoor security cameras to see what’s going on with your dog

Indoor video cameras with 2-way talk are an excellent way for homeowners to soothe their four-legged companions while working or traveling with your easy-to-use cell phone app. Your surveillance systems will even give you a visual of your pet in low-light situations in full high-def, so you’re able to see what’s going on in the common areas without getting out of bed. Whenever your cameras detect abnormal motion, you may have a video snippet dispatched to your cell phone to determine if it's your dog or an intruder.

When your furry friend deals with anxiety, your Vivint cameras can actually help. If you find them starting to act up, speak to them by using the camera's speaker. They can notice your voice and know that it’s all right. In addition, if you find that they are stressed with the onset of a thunderstorm, you might remotely flip on lighting to make the room less intimidating.

The leading dog-friendly home security system in Boise is easy to use

The many animal-friendly options are awesome, but they wouldn't help a great deal if they were hard to operate. The gratifying part about a smart home package like Vivint's is that the many features are included in both your centralized control panel and your mobile security app. Feel free to arrange your equipment around your way of life -- and that includes your furry companions! Then, all it takes are some taps of your screen and you have your entire system set up and ready to go.

Get your Vivint pet-friendly security system today!

Your home protection package shouldn't be a burden on your dogs. Alternatively, it should provide security while allowing you to keep a watch over your animal companions. Dial (208) 306-4107 or send in the following form today!